Anthropology @ Work is a lecture and workshop series I created for the liberal arts environment at Pacific University. For this series, scholars, activists, and applied anthropologists speak about their research and more broadly the ways they use anthropology to address social problems. An added dimension of this series is to explore the role of anthropology and ethnography in the workplace. These series has included Bryce Peake, Holly BarkerMegan CarneyLisa UperesaNicole Taylor, and Sarah Ono.


Lisa Uperesa

talking to anthropology students as well as the Pacific University football team, who co-sponsored the event. Lisa talked about the "Polynesian pipeline" from American Samoa to American college football.


Holly Barker 

speaking to anthropology students about media representations of nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands. 





Nicole Taylor

guiding students through a workshop focused on translating anthropological research skills into jobs.


Bryce Peake

talking to students during a workshop about the role of digital tools in ethnography.